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Content Widening


Okay, so when WordPress was developed years ago flat-screen monitors with high resolutions weren’t really the rave yet, so the initial software was built for 840 pixel width content (the width of the white screen you see here). 840 pixels is what has stuck, but I’ve had enough of writing and reading crammed posts with all this unused area on the sides of the screen. We have nice high resolution monitors, so might as well use them. So, last night I widened the Cold Blue theme I use (thanks WebRevolutionary) to be 1040 pixels wide instead of the default 840. Looks good, much less unused space… The problem, however, is that now old posts (one I’ particularly perturbed about is our vacation to New Providence and Staniel Cay in the Bahamas) are now quite misshapen and odd looking as they attempt to morph themselves to handle the extra 200 pixels of width. Looks like I have some fixing to do in the archives…


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