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Marshall Oysters


IMG_5251We took a bit of an impromptu trip out to Marshall on Sunday, had a hankering for some of Tony’s (right)oysters.  As usual, we weren’t disappointed…  Last time we were out at Tomales Bay we noticed a row of people sitting alongside the water at the Marshall Store, some with bottles of champagne and BBQ oysters.  As if a couple of dozen oysters at Tony’s wasn’t enough, we decided we could do with another dozen and stopped off at the Store to sample their fare as well.  While Tony’s oysters are pretty killer, the Marshall Store versions were much bigger, and were cooked a little less so you could still taste the muscle.  And the Marshall Store sauce of BBQ, Tapatio, shallots and garlic…amazing.  I think we’ll be stopping at the Marshall Store first the next time we have a hankering for oysters!

Some picturesque vineyards in Marin County on Marshall Petaluma Road


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