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Independence Day Long Weekend at the Cabin

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Had a fantastic weekend up at the cabin for Fourth of July long weekend.  I think this was our biggest crowd yet, 14 partygoers in total.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather!  We spent Friday wine tasting in Murphys, swimming at Natural Bridges and dining on traditional Independence Day BBQ fare for dinner.  Saturday we relaxed on the lake, played some volleyball and went down to Murphys for the annual Ironstone Winery fireworks show.  Luke and I also found a pretty cool new fishing spot on the Stanislaus River, I reeled in a couple of solid brown trout, one probably around 15" from head to tail.  A great weekend, need more like it…

Breakfast dominoes on the cabin deck (left) and the hike down to Natural Bridges (right).

The waterfall and cave opening at Natural Bridges (left and right).

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The 10 of us that made the trip to swim through the caves (left) and the swimming tunnel through the hill (right). 

Some hot looking ladies at the fireworks at Ironstone Vineyards (left) and the happy couple (right). 

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Appetizers on the deck (left), and the ladies in the kitchen (middle and right).   

May-June 2008 080May-June 2008 073
Cheryl, Andi, the Valtenbergs and Erin (left), and Michele, Sarah and Mitch on the hike up to Cougar Rock (right). 



The Independence Day group on the top of Cougar Rock (above), and me fishing for trout on the Stanislaus at a new spot Luke, Katrina and I found (right).

Thanks a bunch to Katrina and Cheryl for sending me some of their photos!


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  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks for posting the pics! The ones of the Natural Bridges are freakin’ awesome. Good times.

  2. Chris says:

    Loving the photos. And no doubt you guys had a real ball, hey? Love the fishin’ spot, what a cracker. I hope you have a ball on the 16th mate, all the best for your birthday.