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San Francisco Bay from the SCA TrailWe’re no strangers to the SCA Trail in the Marin Headlands, it’s one of our favorite weekend walks ever since Lilia joined us last year.  But on Saturday it was a bit of a special occasion: the JAMERS hiking group chose to tackle the stairs from downtown Sausalito, the Morning Sun Trail and along the SCA Trail for their monthly hike.  We met the 25-strong group at the base of the Morning Sun Trail just after Lilia’s morning nap for a hike with some breathtaking views of the Bay Area, amazingly clear up there for us yesterday.  Lilia enjoyed her third trip in her “big girl” backpack, she’s now large and strong enough to ride along in the pack on my back instead of the ERGObaby that she’d been riding in since she was only a few days old.  I think she enjoys the backpack a lot more, she has an almost 180 degree view from back there and isn’t constantly pressed against my chest.  Thanks for the awesome baby gift Laura and Jerry!  However – as Lisa and Greg found out when walking with Lilia the other day – Angel Island and the tip of Belvedere from the Morning Sun Trailone has to keep an eye on her back there because she likes to grab whatever comes within reach along the trail!  The sun was perched right above the city when we reached the lookout above the Golden Gate Bridge, so a little tough to get any good shots of the bay with the sun pointed directly into the lens.  But some beautiful sweeping views of San Francisco all the same…

JAMERS group at the lookout over the baySam and LiliaJAMERS group at the lookout over the baySam and LiliaThe SCA TrailThe JAMERS group on their way along the SCA TrailThe SCA TrailThe JAMERS group on their way along the SCA Trail

Lilia's fish sticksAnother favorite of ours after a trip to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area is lunch at Fish on the harbor in Sausalito.  Lilia was an eating machine at lunch: after her regular serving of banana and sweet potato she downed almost and entire plate of gourmet fish sticks after Lisa had painstakingly removed the batter from them.  She just would not stop eating!  Dungeness Crab is in season at the moment so there were quite a few crab specials on the menu yesterday.  The crab Lilia looking very concerned at Fishtacos that Lisa ordered as a starter were exquisite.  Our visit to Fish yesterday was made all the more memorable by a celebrity sighting: when Lisa was eating lunch she noticed a guy in the food ordering line wearing sunglasses and sporting a mountain man beard that looked strikingly like Jake Gyllenhaal.  We dismissed it as coincidence until we were about the leave and walked inside to see Jake Gyllenhaal himself sitting at the bar with a woman, enjoying a beer and some of Fish’s best like any other Joe Blow on a Saturday afternoon.  Lisa has been dreaming about him ever since.

Sam's oyster po' boyLisa's crab tacosLilia ready for some lunch at FishSam and Lilia at FishLilia with Grandpa Greg at Fish


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  1. K Young says:

    When I saw this post I was desperately hoping you had snapped a picture of Jake G in all his glory! What a memorable JAMERS hike for you all!

  2. GPAG says:

    Great gathering of family, friends and fish for a fine day!

  3. lynn says:

    Lovely day – glad you could join us again!

  4. Never heard of farmville. Oh, but that’s probably because I could see the acronym MMOG and clicked a hyperlink to take me somewhere else very quickly. Quite possibly to a synthetic news story about KotOR 3 as being a single player game or something. sigh