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Ash Canyon


We were recently up in Carson City, Nevada for Christmas and – given that there’s not a speck of snow on the Sierras at the moment – I decided to hunt down some singletrack to explore whilst we were in town.  I found a great website run by a local bike store owner (www.bikecarson.com) which details most of the riding to be had in the Carson-Reno vicinity.  Luke, Lisa, Katrina and I decided to run a trail system called Ash Canyon, located a few miles from Lisa’s grandma’s house.  What an awesome ride: brilliant views of Carson City below, the trails were a smooth, burmed myriad of singletrack traversing the high desert and wooded canyons.  Some super fast and smooth trail, all of us had a blast!  The vid below is most of the downhill sections we rode: Creek Trail, Deer Run then Postal Route and finally Jackrabbit.  I had the app from EveryTrail running on my phone while we were riding, the map below shows the route and also our elevation and speed throughout the ride.  Katrina and I both ate a little dirt along the way but I have to say this is one of the best new trails I’ve discovered in a long time.  If only we’d found it 10 years ago!

Ash Canyon  

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  1. Lil Deez says:

    that looks cool…freewheelin all the way down?

  2. Sam says:

    Most of the way, yeh. It was steep enough to get some good speed without peddling, but not too steep to wig out the ladies. Lots of fun…

  3. […] a rundown of our trail and a video from my new Christmas helmet camera (thanks Mum) from Ash Canyon here.  Lilia wasn’t too keen on sleeping through the night for the couple of nights we were in […]