A weekend at home for us, Uncle Luke and Katrina came down at lunchtime today and we all rode into Mill Valley for a meal at Pearl’s Phat Burger, arguably the best hamburger joint on the planet (according to Jarrid Bordessa…).  We strap Lilia in her Burley trailer in her car seat, once we get cruising and as long as the terrain is relatively smooth she naps on and off throughout the journey.  Thanks to a donation from the Oleskys we’re all ready for Lilia to progress from her black and yellow Burley chariot to a Specialized two-wheeler (photo below) when the time comes.

Lisa and Lilia ready to rideI love my Burley!Lilia and the BurleyI love my Burley!Lilia and the BurleySam's bike and the BurleyWe're ready for the next step...Story time...Story time...


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  1. Greg says:

    Great photos of Lilia and Daddy!
    Gpa G

  2. Negative Xtra says:

    Fun times… 🙂

  3. Lil Deez says:

    Mate…think i’d fit in there..lil nap then a phat burger sounds like my type of outing

  4. Sam says:

    I think if we tried hard enough we could definitely get you in there, Bev…

  5. Auntie Anita says:

    Lilia you look so happy in that chariot of yours! What fun. Yes – great photos of you and Dad.

  6. jenni says:

    Looks like Lilia enjoys a story!
    Sam will you read to her every night until she is in grade 7????

  7. Mommy says:

    Granny, We will read to her as long as she likes or until she starts reading to us! She loves her stories.

  8. Tu Familia Quintero says:

    Lilia LOVES it … from biking to stories! What a delight and blessing she is! 🙂