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Happy Birthday!


The Pink Lemon celebrates its first birthday today.  Happy birthday!  Since it’s christening post one year ago, a few shots of Kevin and I at Kirkwood, The Lemon has seen everything from finance through funny videos (a lot of the latter).  I started this site as more of a personal diary than anything, but it has quite taken off to the point where the Webmaster email address posted on the site often gets bombarded with videos (and junk email) to post from all manner of sources.  The Flitzebogen bow and arrow game as well as a post I put up about bank leverage have by far been the most popular posts on the site, I can understand wasting some serious time on Flitzebogen.

The summary statistics for The Lemon’s first year are a little surprising, so I’m going to put them up here for all to see.  Since The Pink Lemon was born it has received 653,337 visits and transferred 10.31GB of data to the web (this does not include video streaming, which is hosted elswhere even though you can watch the videos through The Lemon).  The most popular month was October of 2008, during which time the site received 140,271 visits and transferred 2.12GB of data.  The site receives by far the most traffic from the United States, with 547,002 visits and 8.13GB of data transfer, followed by Australia a distant second at 43,262 visits and 954MB of data.  Some of the countries from which I’ve received traffic have definitely raised my eyebrow: Botswana, Malta, Egypt, Bangladesh, Syria and Mali to name a few…

Anyway, enough waffling, I hope to keep some semi-interesting media coming to The Lemon in 2009, Happy New Year to you all!


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