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  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Nov 26, 2016 15:10


    ‘Tis the season! ‘Tis the season ‘Tis the season ‘Tis the season ...

  • Natalie Pays Us A Visit

    Natalie Pays Us A Visit

    Nov 20, 2016 8:43


    Natalie Scammell paid us a visit yesterday while her dad was preparing early Thanksgiving dinner Natalie...

  • Annadel Ride

    Annadel Ride

    Nov 13, 2016 10:02


    Thanks for the ride Grandma and Pop Pop! This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Handline


    Nov 5, 2016 16:13


    I took a trip to the new Handline burger and seafood bar in Sebastopol during harvest, perfect weather today to take Mum...

  • A Flight to Lodi

    A Flight to Lodi

    Nov 3, 2016 19:00


    I shot over to Lodi today to help the Coldanis with some photos of their olive mill during the harvest, an amazing day to...

  • Di’s Bagels

    Di’s Bagels

    Oct 30, 2016 16:14


    The Christmas tradition will continue starting Christmas 2016! When I was a kid I used to look forward to Di Creasy’s...

  • Alexander Valley Buck

    Alexander Valley Buck

    Oct 17, 2016 18:12


    We found this old buck in the vineyards yesterday, he must have died of disease or old age… No use letting suck a nice...

  • The Eisenhauer Derner Wedding

    The Eisenhauer Derner Wedding

    Oct 9, 2016 16:27


    A very fun day and memorable ceremony for Danielle and Chris’ wedding yesterday. The kids had an absolute blast (as...

  • Rehearsal Dinner

    Rehearsal Dinner

    Oct 8, 2016 9:18


    A beautiful evening for Danielle and Chris’ rehearsal dinner out in Tomales last night! Practising the ceremony...

  • The Courage to Act

    The Courage to Act

    Oct 2, 2016 15:16


    The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath, Ben S. Bernanke Rating: ★★★★½  Not...

  • Petaluma Skatepark

    Petaluma Skatepark

    Oct 1, 2016 19:30


    Testing out the Petaluma skatepark today Testing out the Petaluma skatepark today Testing...

  • Harvest Trip to Oregon

    Harvest Trip to Oregon

    Sep 27, 2016 20:09


    While Mum was in the peak of harvest the three of us took a trip to Oregon this last weekend. One of my earliest memories...

  • Mendocino County Fair

    Mendocino County Fair

    Sep 18, 2016 18:16


    SHeep dog trials SHeep dog trials SHeep dog trials Apple harvest ...

  • Superintelligence


    Sep 15, 2016 15:30


    Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, Nick Bostrom Rating: ★☆☆☆☆  I can’t...

  • Labor Day Grapes

    Labor Day Grapes

    Sep 5, 2016 16:37


    Adventures with the winemaker and her crew up on Alexander Mountain Estate this morning… Adventures with...

  • Stafford Lake Bike Park

    Stafford Lake Bike Park

    Sep 3, 2016 16:02


    The first of the season’s harvest adventures with Dad took us to the Stafford Lake Bike Park pump track this morning....

  • The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    The Answer to the Riddle is Me

    Sep 1, 2016 15:23


    The Answer to the Riddle is Me: A Tale of Amnesia, David Stuart MacLean Rating: ★★★★☆  Booklist:...

  • Weekend in Visalia

    Weekend in Visalia

    Aug 21, 2016 15:25


    Getting the kids ready in Santa Rosa Getting the kids ready in Santa Rosa Over the Central...

  • Cheryl Visits

    Cheryl Visits

    Aug 16, 2016 18:29


    On our way to Sonoma County Taking off out of Oakland with San Francisco across the water ...

  • Max Turns Three!

    Max Turns Three!

    Aug 7, 2016 11:29


    Cake construction with Mum Cake construction with Mum Cake construction with Mum ...