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  • Presents!


    Mar 20, 2012 11:00


  • It’s Party Time!

    It’s Party Time!

    Mar 19, 2012 19:35


    Lilia is one year old tomorrow, boy how time flies.  I was looking back today at all the photos from almost a year ago...

  • R.I.P. Sammy the Pig

    R.I.P. Sammy the Pig

    Mar 13, 2012 20:16


    Born in August, 2011 in Windsor, California, Sammy the Pig spent the first six weeks of her life with a wholesome family...

  • Kirby Cove

    Kirby Cove

    Mar 11, 2012 16:16


  • China Cove

    China Cove

    Mar 10, 2012 22:48


    Lisa was working at a wine event today, so Tinkerbelle and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent a few hours...

  • Traintown


    Mar 3, 2012 10:00


  • 4X4


    Feb 26, 2012 14:17


    This step has been the cause of more than a few tears over the past few months. I think we’ve mastered it!

  • Lakemont Pines Sunrise

    Lakemont Pines Sunrise

    Feb 21, 2012 20:17


  • Presidents’ Day Weekend At The Cabin

    Presidents’ Day Weekend At The Cabin

    Feb 21, 2012 20:06


    We spent the Presidents’ Day long weekend up at the cabin, the original plan was for the Bordessas to accompany us but...

  • Dog’s Name Is Dick!

    Dog’s Name Is Dick!

    Feb 16, 2012 16:04


    I’m pretty sure this is legit.  Classic…  Thanks Dave Stuart.

  • Drive


    Feb 16, 2012 10:56


    Drive, Daniel H. Pink Rating: ★★☆☆☆  With praise from Malcolm Gladwell – one...

  • New Shirt From Pops

    New Shirt From Pops

    Feb 12, 2012 9:03


    Lilia was feeling quite photogenic this morning in her new shirt from Pops John so I took the opportunity to get some snaps.

  • Born To Run

    Born To Run

    Feb 3, 2012 8:17


    Born To Run, Christopher McDougall Rating: ★★★★★  I don’t hand out five star...

  • The Wizard Of Lies

    The Wizard Of Lies

    Feb 3, 2012 8:06


    The Wizard of Lies, Diana B. Henriques Rating: ★★★★☆  Unless you live in a cave...

  • My Friend Johnny

    My Friend Johnny

    Jan 29, 2012 13:44


    I’m becoming quite the pro at this Johnny Jump-Up contraption!

  • Crawling and Standing

    Crawling and Standing

    Jan 28, 2012 18:15


    I came home from work on Thursday and all of a sudden Lilia was cruising around on all fours like she’d been doing it for...

  • Here I Come!

    Here I Come!

    Jan 25, 2012 14:56


    Almost walking…

  • Marincello, SCA and Waldo Tunnel Poach Trails

    Marincello, SCA and Waldo Tunnel Poach Trails

    Jan 22, 2012 15:28


    For quite some time I’d been eyeing off a poach trail that drops down over the top of the Waldo Tunnel and the 101...

  • Mohawk Mama

    Mohawk Mama

    Jan 19, 2012 18:40


  • Death Valley

    Death Valley

    Jan 14, 2012 8:00


    Neither Lisa or I had ever visited Death Valley National Park and December and January are supposedly the best months to...