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  • Bay Flight

    Bay Flight

    Aug 29, 2017 15:11


    Had the chance to take up a couple of friends – who are photography masters – for a flight over the Golden Gate...

  • A Flight to Lodi

    A Flight to Lodi

    Nov 3, 2016 19:00


    I shot over to Lodi today to help the Coldanis with some photos of their olive mill during the harvest, an amazing day to...

  • The Eastern Sierras

    The Eastern Sierras

    Jul 30, 2016 18:00


    Our route across Central California Before breakfast on July 21 we all hopped in The Tank 2.0 and set off for our long awaited...

  • Golden Gate in Spring

    Golden Gate in Spring

    Mar 20, 2014 21:11


    Some shots from Conzelman Road last night. Magic sunset for sure. ...

  • The Painted Ladies

    The Painted Ladies

    Mar 18, 2014 19:09


    I’ve always wanted to shoot San Francisco’s famous row of houses – the Painted Ladies – located on...

  • Dave’s Visit

    Dave’s Visit

    Mar 9, 2014 15:32



  • Kirby Cove

    Kirby Cove

    Sep 27, 2013 19:39


    We’ve been having some absolutely magic weather lately, today was one of the most ideal San Francisco days either of...

  • Above the Clouds

    Above the Clouds

    Aug 30, 2013 13:42


    On our way home from camping last night we were rewarded with some amazing views of the Golden Gate poking through the fog...

  • Arch Rock

    Arch Rock

    Jan 5, 2013 14:17


    We executed a well planned mission out and back to Point Reyes National Seashore this morning, making it home in time for...

  • French Polynesia

    French Polynesia

    Dec 1, 2012 21:29


    Sitting on BART (the train) on the way to the airport to meet Lisa and Lilia for our flight to Papeete, the capital city...

  • The Sea Ranch

    The Sea Ranch

    Nov 12, 2012 20:28


    Some sunset and sunrise shots from our weekend up in The Sea Ranch last weekend.

  • Alcatraz


    Jul 8, 2012 10:16


    Found this hiding on the flash drive in my camera, a shot from one the super clear mornings we were having a month or so...

  • Morning Commute

    Morning Commute

    Jul 8, 2012 8:08


  • Glacier National Park

    Glacier National Park

    Jul 4, 2012 8:54


    From the Quintero’s in Cascade we made the roughly three hour drive northwest across the wide open plains of central Montana...

  • Kirby Cove

    Kirby Cove

    Mar 11, 2012 16:16


  • China Cove

    China Cove

    Mar 10, 2012 22:48


    Lisa was working at a wine event today, so Tinkerbelle and I took advantage of the nice weather and spent a few hours...

  • Lakemont Pines Sunrise

    Lakemont Pines Sunrise

    Feb 21, 2012 20:17


  • Death Valley

    Death Valley

    Jan 14, 2012 8:00


    Neither Lisa or I had ever visited Death Valley National Park and December and January are supposedly the best months to...

  • Muir Beach

    Muir Beach

    Oct 8, 2011 20:48


    Lilia and I had a solo day together today, we took a bit of a hike on the Owl Trail between Muir Beach and Slide Ranch in-between...

  • Hot Weather Sunrise

    Hot Weather Sunrise

    Sep 26, 2011 14:22


    With the hot weather last week the haze in the Central Valley made for some brilliant sunrises.  The San Francisco Bay...