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  • Japanese IQ Test

    I don’t know how much of my IQ this tested, but it sure makes you think, nonetheless.  Credit to Matteo Gadioli...

  • Ignorance


    Aug 20, 2008 20:57

    Thanks Craig Williams.

  • How Not To Show Off

    How Not To Show Off

    Aug 20, 2008 17:11

    Another Osman versus Baldwin out-take from all those years ago?  Credit to Chris Kilmartin for this one.

  • New Cubicle

    New Cubicle

    Aug 20, 2008 15:04

    A nice reminder of John Fletcher’s cubicle one morning during the Mahi days…

  • Chilean Volcano

    Chilean Volcano

    Aug 20, 2008 14:48

    Recently a volcano that had been dormant for 9,000 years near the coast of Chile erupted spectacularly, hurling liquefied...

  • Cowboy Up!

    Thanks Luke Young.

  • Marvelous Murals

    Thanks Chris Kilmartin. Mural on the roof of a smoker’s lounge (left), and a crazy-lookin’ bathroom floor...

  • Want To Go To Burger King?

    Video Shows Burger King Employee Bathing In Sink XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – Some workers at a Greene County restaurant are...

  • Why I Didn’t Make It To The Olympics

    Thanks Chris Kilmartin, some solid old clips in this one…

  • Bike Race Swim

    Big-ups to Ben Kennare for this oldie…

  • Rattle Snake Meet King Snake

    Another one from Luke Young.  

  • One Final Prank

    I can’t remember who sent this to me all those years ago, but it still manages to give me a good laugh every time. ...

  • Driving in Bolivia

    Stremnaya Road is nicknamed “the road of death” and is situated in Bolivia. Or, there’s always… ...

  • Toys R Us India

    Don’t need any comments for this one.  Thanks Ben Kennare.

  • Mechanical Miracles

    Thanks to Pat Pisapia for the original PowerPoint submission containing all these. Wind Farm in the Middle of the Ocean 20...

  • Statue-tory Rape?

    Credit to Toby McDonald.

  • When The Wife Doesn’t Listen…

    I can picture Hal Norman doing this to his wife, credit to him for the clip.

  • Look Out

    Thanks Chris Kilmartin for this vid…

  • King Hit

    Credit to the TB  and the Blyth Street Massiv for this contribution.  I warn you, it’s a little gnarly, people...

  • Black and Grizzly Bears

    Thank you Arnie Kuck…