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  • It’s Okay to Wet Your Pants…

    This is when it’s okay to wet your pants.  Contribution thanks to Arnold Weerts.

  • Pooh Bear

    This one’s and oldie, but thanks to Adam Lauterbach for the original submission. The following pictures are of a guy...

  • Poor Scooter

    Don’t fancy this scooter, thanks Jim McGarry.

  • Camels

    National Geographic photo of the year from 2005, thanks Mum.

  • ET’s Soap

    The soap choice of Andrew Ettridge.  Thanks Pooh.

  • Darwin Awards Rejects

    Thank you for another few good ones from Luke Young.

  • Squirrel Relocation II

    Had some requests to post this clip as a follow up to the squirrel relocation one from a couple of weeks back.  Poor...

  • Rabbit and Snake

    Don’t mess with this rabbit.

  • American David

    Michelangelo’s David after a trip to the Fast Food Nation.  Commentary and photo credit to Hal Norman.

  • Ocean Kayaking

    Can’t remember where this one came either, it’s from deep in the library, but worth a look.

  • Close Call

    Can’t remember who sent me this one, but it’s definitely one you have to watch more than once.  Don’t...

  • How Not to Release a Bear

      Thanks Luke Young for this contribution.

  • Olympic Dive

    Had this in the library for ages, but worth putting up here for everyone’s enjoyment.

  • Little Johnny

    I have a bad feeling that’s going to be my kid on the left in the front row.  Thanks Dean Burkhalter.

  • Poor Head

    Boonie not impressed with this pour.  Thanks to TB and the Blythe Street Massiv.

  • Squirrel Relocation

    I’ve seen a clip like this once before using a skeet shooter on unassuming squirrels, this one’s a good laugh,...

  • Chinese Airlines

    For anybody who is not familiar with a jet engine, a jet fan blade should be perfectly smooth.  A pilot for a Chinese...

  • Unnecessary Censorship

    I don’t know if Jimmy Kimmel does these any more, but this one’s worth a post…

  • Shameful Eddie McGuire

    No commentary required.

  • You Don’t Always Die From Tobacco

    Definitely the "shitz" not the "giggles"…