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  • How Old Is Your Brain?

    Another good one for a slow day at work, quite addicting, thanks Luke. How Old Is Your Brain? The score to beat after a few...

  • It’s All About Luck

    Some good clips from Toby McDonald, I had to watch the one with the train a few times…

  • No Kissing In Boxing

    Another one that makes me reminisce about TB and Tariq in Glenelg…  Thanks to Luke Young for this one.

  • G. Halls Injured in Pamplona?!

  • Flitzebogen


    Jul 8, 2008 9:24

    Thanks to Patrick Pisapia for this time-waster.  Good for a slow day at work… Flitzebogen Bow and Arrow Game

  • The Moment Before the Pain Begins

    Thanks to Dean Burkhalter for the above gut-wrenchers…

  • Invitation to a Chinese Restaurant

    Wayne Leong gets credit for this series of shots… Take the tram up to the top of the trail (left), follow the path...

  • USC Sucks

    Don’t really need to explain this one.  Thanks Jim McGarry for the laugh.

  • Race Start

  • Camping Shot

    Luke managed to capture a shot of me and the missus camping recently…

  • Home Alone

    Thanks to Alan Young for this cracker.

  • Speed Riding

    I actually saw a full feature movie about this crazy-looking sport when Luke took us to the Banff Mountain Film Festival...

  • Cliff Jumping

    I think the only thing these guys are looking for, apart from a bit of adrenaline, is maybe some broken teeth, a jaw reconstruction...

  • King Oysters

    I don’t think ET could tackle 13 dozen of these.  Thanks to Andrew Ettridge for this snap.

  • Healthy Junk

    Thanks to Toby McDonald for this one.

  • Engineering Feat…

    Six years, 500,000,000 Euros, 918 meters long.  This is a channel-bridge over the River Elbe and joins the former East...

  • World’s Ugliest Dog

    I really don’t like looking at this, but here it is for all to see…  Thanks again Jim McGarry.

  • Electric Fence

    Don’t want to be the one who has to figure out how to get this guy off the fence…  Thanks Jim McGarry. ...

  • Parking Techniques

  • Sound Barrier Breaking

    I’ve seen this many times over the years, but I believe Hal Norman sent it to me the first time…