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Sperm Wars, Robin Baker

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

TB left this book at our house last year, thought we might find it an interesting read.  Each chapter begins with a fictional scene, some of which continue throughout different chapters of the book as multi-chapter stories.  Each scene is followed by a science-centric explanation of the human sexual behavior presented in the fictional episode.  Baker is a well-recognized expoert on human reproduction and biology and has had this and a number of his textbooks published in many languages.  From the disclaimer at the beginning of the edition that I read, I gathered that Baker has been the brunt of quite a bit of criticism amongst the scientific community for his interpretation of human sexual behavior presented in the book.  But if you keep in mind that the book is just that, one expert’s interpretation, it’s a fun read for sure.

When my wife was reading this I lost count of the number of times she paused to lean over and ask me, “Do you do that?” or, “Do men really think like that?” whilst she was paging through the book.  I often did the same when reading discussions concerning the fairer sex, truth be told!  From explaining the intricacies of the human reproductive systems (in a great deal more detail than it was explained to me as a teenager) to discussing motivations behind sexual predators and extra-marital affairs, this really was quite an enlightening read.  It can get a little repetitive at times, but it’s a quick read and worth a look.


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