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Kinney Lakes

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Been a busy week, so haven’t had a chance to put these up…  Anyway, Carol gave me a ride up to the mountains last weekend to pick up the LandCruiser before the snow starts.  We’d planned to take a 4WD trail from Hermit Valley Campground up to Sunset Lakes and Wet Meadow Reservoir, but when we got to the trail it was quickly evident that not even the LandCruiser would be able to handle it.  It was definitely ATV or dirt bike only!  So we kept going on Highway 4 and made our way over to the Kinney Lakes trailhead just past Ebbetts Pass.  When it started snowing on the way back from the lakes we couldn’t get back over the Pass quickly enough!

Kinney ReservoirLower Kinney Lake 
Kinney Reservoir (left), and Lower Kinney Lake (right)

Granite and TreeGranite and Tree
Some very persistent high sierra tress growing out of the granite on the trail to Upper Kinney Lakes

Granite and TreeFall AspenUpper Kinney Lake
Another persistent tree (left), an aspen tree showing its fall colors (middle), and Upper Kinney Lake (right)


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