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Don’t Mess With A Mule


This post out of the archives originally from Nomaan Latif.

These photos came from Arizona.  Yes, the mule killed the mountain lion.  The lion had been stalking the group for the better part of the morning on the way out to a hunt. They were pretty sure it was after one of the dogs.  The cat ambushed the hunting party and the mule pictured tossed its rider and went into attack (defense) mode.  The horses scattered and shots were fired but no one was sure if they hit the cat or not.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until it was almost over that one of the guys started snapping photos.  The mule finally stomped the cougar to death after biting and throwing it around like a rag doll.  The dogs wouldn’t even come close until the mule settled down.

The cat still alive and trying to fight back (left), and the mule pinning the cat to the ground (right).

The cat pretty much dead but being picked up again and whipped into the air, then stomped for good measure!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!!! That ass can kick some ass!!!