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Bicentennial Campground


After a successful run in the backyard on Monday, Lilia and I ventured out on our first overnight camping expedition last night. Bicentennial Campground is located just behind Point Bonita in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It’s free for campers and at least one of the three spots is usually open midweek. Very foggy during the night but we scored some amazing vistas as the sun was setting and also a pretty special sunrise this morning as the tops of the Golden Gate were poking through the fog.


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  1. […] our way home from camping last night we were rewarded with some amazing views of the Golden Gate poking through the fog as we drove down […]

  2. GPAG says:

    You are so fortunate to have one another.
    What a wonderful experience!

  3. Mummy says:

    Mummy is jealous. Glad we have a camper!

  4. Auntie Anita says:

    It’s alright Mummy I’m jealous too. Isn’t it wonderful?