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Big Trees And The Cabin


Carol and Greg had been talking about their Italian culinary experiences since returning from Europe, so they had us up to the cabin to demonstrate their new-found recipes.  Talk about a food coma, what a fantastic meal they put together for us.  We also had a chance to meet their two interns who are here from Uruguay and South Africa for the harvest.

Picture 002
Gabriel and Louis make their way across one of the Stanislaus River pools (left and middle), and we all enjoy the campfire after a big dinner (right).

A bit of fun with the camera and the moon (left), and Lakemont Pines lake under the moonlight (middle and right).

Dappled sunlight in Big Trees State Park (left and middle), and Gabriel and Louis stand at the entrance to the south grove of giant sequoias (right).

One of the largest trees in the south grove (left), and Louis standing next to a giant sequoia (right).

The south grove of giant sequoias (left), and one of the creeks in Big Trees State Park (right).


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