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President’s Day Weekend at the Cabin


We took advantage of the long weekend for President’s Day and headed up to the mountains for a few days at the cabin, some magic weather for our three nights in Arnold (71F [21C] in the middle of winter!). Suzanne accompanied the three Valtenbergs in the truck, and the Justices met us up there on Saturday for a fun weekend with replete with snowshoeing, plenty of good fires in the new pit out the back and a memorable hike up to Cougar Rock. Cougar Rock is always a nice walk from the cabin, but this particular adventure was made all the more momentous by the fact that Lilia hiked almost the entire way up to Cougar Rock by herself. It’s by far the longest we’ve ever seen her walk alone, let alone along a steep, upwardly sloping hiking trail!

President’s Day Weekend at the Cabin  

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  1. grandma says:

    Amazing, I can hardly make it myself to Cougar Rock.

  2. GPAG says:

    Nice weekend, won’t be long and Lilia will be riding her bike on those trails.

  3. Mummy says:

    Don’t forget we even got Sam to play Mexican Train!!! Congrats to Andi, the winner!

  4. Auntie Anita says:

    That’s amazing Lilia! No challenge too much huh?