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The Bakkers Visit San Francisco


Lisa and Brooke were in Sacramento for a girls weekend so Kevin came up to Tiburon with Anna and Sophia and stayed with Lilia and me for a couple of nights. Two dads, three girls and some magic winter weather, what could be more fun? We headed out early on Saturday morning for breakfast at Tartine Bakery in The Mission, seriously the best baked goods I’ve ever found in the States, Kevin and the girls were similarly impressed. If I knew how much of my breakfast quiche Lilia was going to eat – which was pretty much all of it, ham and olives, two of her favorite foods – I would have ordered two! From The Mission we scooted up past Mount Olympus and over to the California Academy of Sciences for the morning. I think the girls all had a fantastic time: penguins, butterflies, starfish and abalone to play with, what’s not to like? Lilia and I headed home for her nap after lunch at the Academy, while Kevin and the Bakker girls made the most of the brilliant winter weather at Ocean Beach and Gashouse Cove for the rest of the afternoon.

Today we again scored some amazing winter weather: clear blue skies and not a wisp of breeze. Anna brought her bike along to tackle the Golden Gate Bridge, something she’d been planning on since Kevin and I organized their trip up to visit. Kevin rode one of my bikes with Sophia bundled up in the Burley trailer and Lilia tucked in behind me for a trip across the bridge to West Beach below the bridge. Anna was awesome: no problem making it across the almost 9000 foot span to Fort Point and then down to West Beach. I had the GoPro bolted onto the Burley for a bird’s eye view, the video of our trip is at the end of this post down below the photos. Thanks for coming to visit Kevin, Anna and Sopha, Lilia hasn’t stopped singing Happy Birthday to you guys all afternoon!

The Bakkers Visit San Francisco  

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  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for hosting Sam, they had a great time!