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Floating The American River


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Who knew that you could float the American River from Folsom to Sacramento sitting in an innertube?!  I guess Andi and Jeffrey did, they took us down the river on Saturday, lots of fun.  You’d definitely feel out of place without a cooler full of beer floating down the river with you…  We forgot our camera, but luckily Jeffrey had his along with us and we managed to snap some shots. 

Finished the day up with an amazing dinner at Zocalo Mexican restaurant, it was worth the hour-and-a-half wait.  I think I’ll be remembering that carnitas for some time to come…

Three of our four floating down the river (left), a self-portrait of me and the barrage of other river rafts on the river (middle), and two lovely ladies at the start of our cruiser (right). 

Our group floating down the American (left), and a bunch of river rafting troops behind us (right).

The alcohol starting to take effect (left), and Andi and Jeffrey float peacefully (right). 

You know you’re in the Central Valley somewhere when an inntertube cruises by powered by a car battery and electric boat motor (left), and ready for a night out on Sac-town (right).


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