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Christmas Eve and Christmas Day


Lisa and Lilia picked me up in Sausalito on my way home from work on Christmas Eve and we all headed north, bound for Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  After a quick bite for Lilia we made our way into Santa Rosa to one of the mostly extravagantly lit streets I’ve ever seen, I could just imagine all the homeowners plotting for months leading up to each Christmas in an attempt to outdo their neighbors.  One of the standouts was a Southpark-themed house that had a light show synchronized to music at the top of each hour between 6:00PM and 9:00PM.  Lilia had a blast exploring all the different yards full of lights and made some new friends at one of the nativity scenes, hugging and kissing each wise man in the nativity scene!

We spent the night in Bennett Valley with Grandma and Grandpa, Tinkerbelle was just so excited that she woke up at 5:00AM ready to play. Fun, fun, fun for Daddy! After the rest of the household was up and about we opened our gifts from the Australian side of the family. As expected, Lilia made out like a bandit with some beautiful gifts from relatives Down Under. I think Granny Jenni had a lot of fun shopping for the newest addition to the family! There was a break in the rain mid-morning, during which time we headed down to Annadel for an hour walk around Spring Lake. Lilia put her beautiful new jacket from Great Auntie Anita to use in the rain, I think that jacket is going to get a lot of use. Luke and Katrina joined us in Bennett Valley after breakfast with Katrina’s family, we all opened gifts mid-afternoon after Lilia woke from her nap and then enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of ham, twice-baked potatoes and delicious sides. A very relaxing and laid back Christmas Day, nice to spend it with family and fun to watch Tinkerbelle so engrossed in the events of the day.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  

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  1. Auntie Anita says:

    What a glorious Christmas Album. So lovely to see Tinkerbelle’s reactions to the lights and her new best friends.

  2. Granny Jenni says:

    Your photos are so special Sam and capture the joy of Christmas. I want to come to Santa Rosa just to see the lights with Lilia! I am sitting at Burnside Village watching Rosie’s face light up as she looks at the photos.

  3. Tu Familia Quintero says:

    Wonders abounding through eyes filled with wonder! 🙂

    A question … is the wooden cradle one that Uncle Roy built years ago?