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Kirkwood Mountain Biking


IMG_4968 Spent another couple of days up in the mountains this last weekend.  Weather was perfect, as usual for this time of year.  We spent Saturday morning at a new spot we found on the Stanislaus River called New McKays Dam, some fun fishing and great swimming holes.  Luke unfortunately had a little trouble with the bacon for breakfast (right).  Sunday was the main event, however, who could ask for a better birthday present than a day of mountain biking at Kirkwood?!  Chairlift up and ride down singletrack all day, heaven…

New McKays Dam in the background on the Stanislaus River (left), and a good sized brown trout (right).

Swimming in the Stanislaus River near New McKays Dam (left), and on the chairlift at Kirkwood (middle and right).

Luke creates some dust on one of Kirkwood’s singletracks.

Shoulder muscles looking good (left), one of the rock drops as seen from the chairlift (middle), and riding amongst the alpine wildflowers (right).

More riding amongst the alpine wildflowers (left and middle), and Katrina enjoying the trails (right).

Ellie leads the way down Whiskey Shots trail (left), followed closely by Luke (right).

Riding up the chairlift after our bikes (left), and I find a nice little log drop (right).

Kirkwood alpine wildflowers.


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  1. Luke says:

    How did you Photoshop the bacon photo? From my memory the bacon was delicious, you are really handy with that computer and camera.

  2. Webmaster says:

    You just wish you could cook bacon on the BBQ like a true Aussie. You’re almost there mate, almost…

  3. Teebs says:

    U guys are so crazy… Like crazily extreme, I love the shot of you two wearing matching helmets and glasses… U guys are so cute!

  4. Webmaster says:

    Future posts from Fashion Queen Teebs will not be published on this site.

  5. The Wife says:

    For your info, they are not matching, mine is black and his is grey. His glasses are black and mine are brown, but thanks for your fashion comments. Maybe I should get a hot pink helmet instead?

  6. Chris says:

    Hi guys that looks like some serious fun. Combining the whole fishin’ and cycling with the birthday, now dats somethin’ else. Good to see the sun, have not seen that for a while now, but I’m hopin’ for it soon. Keep up the good work and keep sendin’ the photos, I reallly look forward to the next adventure.