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Bennett Valley Christmas Party


Carol and Greg invited us up for a Christmas get together yesterday with the entire Taylor clan, Katrina and Luke, Westobys and Gail and Randy, fun to have everyone together to welcome Christmas. We’ve had some crazy weather over the past few days, the Sierras have received over four feet of snow in the last couple of days and we’ve been the recipients of some torrential rains here in the Bay Area, so it definitely feels like winter has well and truly arrived. We even had a surprise visit from Santa Claus, although I don’t know if Lilia was too keen on the unannounced bearer of Christmas cheer! However, she has been asking about Santa all morning today, so maybe she’ll be a little more welcoming next time he visits…

Bennett Valley Christmas Party  

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  1. grandma says:

    thanks for sharing, such wonderful friends and family.

  2. Chezza says:

    The party looks glorious!

  3. Anita T says:

    Thanks for sending the pictures Sam. Thank you Greg and Carol for a memorable Christmas party.

  4. Gail says:

    It was great fun seeing everyone especially the little ones with Santa. Thanks for sharing great pics.

  5. Annie Taylor says:

    Had such a fab time – much love to you all and happy new years!