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Sugarbowl Corduroy and Powder


Sam Olesky and I headed up for our first day of the 2012/2013 season today, a storm started moving in over the Bay Area yesterday and we wanted to make the most of the fresh powder before the holiday crowds made their way up to the mountains. We enjoyed some great snow in the morning, an empty mountain with plenty of groomed corduroy to whiz down. At 11:00AM the snow started falling and didn’t let up all afternoon. It was so heavy for about 30 minutes that we struggled to make out the contours of the terrain, both forced to ski by feel. After the initial dump the intensity of the snowfall slowed a little and enabled us to see where we were going, by that time light, boot-deep powder was covering the mountain and we had it almost all to ourselves. First day of the season doesn’t get much better!

Sugarbowl Corduroy and Powder  

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  1. Idaho Youngs says:

    Rub it in you powder hound…..I envy you.