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Thanks to Patrick Pisapia for this time-waster.  Good for a slow day at work…

Flitzebogen Bow and Arrow Game


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  1. Bryan Wolf says:

    Thanks for the game, level 13 was the unlucky one for me and unfortunately my apple holder took an arrow in the neck… Good thing it was a slow day!

  2. Michael Black says:

    I have cracked the secret Valts. That is almost as easy as shooting ET in the back of the head with a paint ball. Round 15 top score.

  3. Webmaster says:

    I don’t think 17 is possible, I’ve hit 16 a few times but keep knocking his head off…

  4. Ganesh says:

    I think 95 feet is the highest score in this game, I tried for 100 feet so many times but no success…

  5. Sandeep says:

    I have reached 16th level, 17th is not possible, it kills him every time you aim the arrow.

  6. Shamus says:

    I can’t crack 16 – frustrating as hell!

  7. Lisa says:

    I can’t reach 16… I thought it was impossible, so 17 is impossible for sure! About where do you have to point to reach 16? Thanks!

  8. Webmaster says:

    You just have to use the wall and ladder on the right of the screen. Takes a while, but that’s all I did… Remember, you can overshoot as many times as you like, so just work your way down the wall/ladder.

  9. Lisa says:

    Thanks Webmaster but I knew that already, that’s actually how I got to 16! But everytime I get there, I can’t seem to find the spot to point to get round 16!!! I want to knoooooow, ha, ha!

  10. Webmaster says:

    Sorry Lisa, I told you all I know. I just worked my way down very slowly and managed to get it. Level 17 is another story, impossible…

  11. Alan from Glos says:

    That damn level 17, has anyone cracked it?

  12. Rover says:

    Level 17 is dead easy. LOL. Wait ’til you get to level 29.

  13. Webmaster says:

    You want to enlighten the rest of us? I think you’re full of it…

  14. […] site often gets bombarded with videos (and junk email) to post from all manner of sources.  The Flitzebogen bow and arrow game as well as a post I put up about bank leverage have by far been the most popular […]

  15. Cron says:

    Rover is full of crap no way can you reach level 17 tried all angles

  16. hanz says:

    tried 17 many times, no way!!! 29… LOL

  17. Brandon says:

    Level 17 is possible, I have done it! Then a screen will come up saying that you have saved your friend and stars will be beside your name. So keep trying fellas

  18. Steve says:

    Rounds Fianl round use the angle meter at 2:30 position

  19. fery says:

    Hi there! I also used to think that level 17 is not possible, but I did it and Brandon is right, you can do it, and you get the message “you have saved your friend As a reward, you will get astars beside your name”

  20. Fery says:

    I left you a message few days ago and aparently my message didn’t get the approval to be listed! I think that at least a message to my e-mail address explaining why my message didn’t get through should have been the right thing to do!

  21. Webmaster says:

    Keep your shorts on, I was doing something other than wathcing and waiting for you to post a comment… You’re all approved now.

  22. stewart says:

    ive just done level 17 took me 4 days to get here

  23. Dan says:

    Level 10 has been my highest!
    Level 9 on 2 occasions
    Keep hitting his head

  24. N-Dawg says:

    Level 17 done it 4 days ago i rule

  25. Ric-Man says:

    Just love to kill him , high score LV 14

  26. winni says:

    yeah, level 16 with 100 feet : )