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FJ40: Facelift


Progression of the rear from original rusted condition (top left) through grinding (top middle), preparation (top right and bottom left), priming (bottom middle) and the finished product (bottom right)

IMG_4883IMG_4884IMG_4885 IMG_4891IMG_4894IMG_4896IMG_4902IMG_4903IMG_4907
Progression of the cab from original rusted condition (top row), ground and Rust Mort coated (middle left and middle), primed (bottom left), painted (bottom middle) and the finished product (bottom right)

IMG_4889IMG_4890 IMG_4897IMG_4899IMG_4906
The hood and passenger fender with rust spots ground and sanded (top row), primed (bottom left) and finished up (bottom middle and right)

The finished product after rust repair, painting, new weather-stripping, new hood latches, floor liners and a bit of a tune up


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  1. Greg & Carol says:

    A new project – can’t wait to try it in the mountains.