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Waterskiing in Visalia


SophiaLisa tearing it upWe spent a very fun weekend down in southern California last weekend with the Bakkers, after our trip last year Lisa was organizing another one for this summer more than six months ahead of time!  I was able to take the afternoon off work on Friday so we could get down there in time for dinner, great to catch up with Brooke and Kevin over a few cocktails and a delicious meal.  We spent most of the day Saturday at the waterskiing lake on De Groot dairy, Michelle Atkins and her daughter Quincy joined us all for some fun in the sun as well.  Great to see the Bakkers and Atkins as always, we just wished they all lived a little closer!

Sam, Lilia, Sophia and Anna Marie enjoying the bathSophia, Lilia and Anna MarieKevin, Lilia, Sophia and Anna Marie out by the poolSophia, Lilia and Anna MarieLilia leaning how to play Uno from Sophia and KevinSophia the Uno masterKevin, Lilia, Sophia and Anna Marie out by the poolThe lake at De Groot DairyQuincy, Lisa and LiliaThe lake at De Groot DairyThe Bakkers arrive with the boatThe boat is readyThe boat is readyBrooke and Lisa enjoying the sunSophiaCharlie towing the girlsWe're lucky that she'll sleep anywhere!We're lucky that she'll sleep anywhere!Anna Marie and LilySam having a skiLisa tearing it upLisa tearing it upLisa tearing it upAnna Marie the photographerLisa, Brooke and Sophia get towed on the tubeLisa, Brooke and Sophia get towed on the tubeAnna Marie, Lilia and Sophia in the bath

Waterskiing in Visalia  

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  1. Chezza says:

    Kaboom! Pow! Priceless:)

  2. Brooke says:

    Miss you guys, we had a great weekend!

  3. Lisa says:

    Note the black dog running behind Sam skiing, he would try to race the boat up and down the lake, amazing endurance!