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Work Weekend at the Cabin


Sam getting stuck into some problem treesGail and Barb working on the deck with supervision from LiliaThe three of us ventured up to Arnold last weekend to help Carol, Greg, Gail and Randy with getting the cabin ready for summer.  Cleaning the deck, patching the driveway, dealing with problem trees, window washing, painting and in particular creating an enclosure for the kayaks under the deck were all on the to-do list.  Lilia did an excellent job of supervising all the work, I had a good time with the chainsaw taking down some trees and Lisa is still smarting from a sore wrist after spending a couple of days patching cracks in the driveway!  A special memory of mine from the weekend is seeing Greg sprint through the forest like an Olympic runner as one of the Douglas Firs I chopped down was making a beeline for him.  Good to see he still has some get-up-and-go in him!

Carol getting stuck into the drivewayLisa and Lilia supervisingBarb putting some elbow grease into the cracks in the deckRandy ready for workUnderneath the deck: beforeUnderneath the deck: afterGregGregLunch time!Lisa power washing the rear deckRandy at work on the deck enclosureSam getting stuck into some problem treesLilia and her favorite walkerLilia and her favorite walkerGrandma Carol and LiliaLiliaLilia taking Gail for a walkSam and LiliaFresh trout courtesy of the Stanislaus RiverLilia and RandySam and Lilia taking a swimSam and Lilia taking a swimSam and Lilia taking a swimLisa and Carol patching cracks in the drivewayLisa and Carol enjoying the fireEllie keeping an eye on things

Ready for summerThe Giant comes out to playThere was a couple of breaks in the work to get out on the bike: the first time solo and the second with Lisa in tow.  On Sunday I scooted east of the cabin to take a run down the Arnold Rim Trail between White Pines and the Manuel Peak.  The only other time I’d ridden the trail it was an absolute dust bowl, but this time after a day of rain on Friday the surface was super tacky and very fast.  Lisa enjoyed it a lot too when I took her on it on Monday, I know she’s having fun when she can’t stop grinning even on the climbs.  Definitely ready for some time up at the cabin this summer, can’t wait!

Work Weekend at the Cabin  

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  1. Negative xtra says:

    Did u catch the fish???

  2. Sam says:

    Nah mate, not this time unfortunately. I didn’t have my gear, but I’ll certainly be taking it next time!

  3. Jan Jensen says:

    Great pics, Sam. We enjoyed all your efforts with the Jamers last weekend.
    Rick is interested in knowing what program you use for your map above?

  4. Sam says:

    It’s an iPhone app called EveryTrail. Have fun with it!