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I Walk Now


We’ve been working on this walking thing for a few months now.  We actually thought Lilia was going to start walking around the 10 month mark, but right when she was getting stable on her feet she figured out how to crawl and the progression with walking stalled for a while.  However, ever since Grandma Carol bought her a little Playskool walker a few weeks back she’s been wheeling that thing around the neighborhood at any chance she gets.  A couple of days ago she really started taking steps all by herself, and this morning she was walking back and forth between Lisa and me with confidence.  Her record this morning was 14 steps on her own!  I managed to catch some footage of her below, we didn’t get a repeat of 14 steps but a fun clip all the same…

Is this how I put on my bathing suit?Hi Dad!

I Walk Now  

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  1. GPAG says:

    A perfect Mother’s Day gift!

  2. Auntie Anita says:

    The world’s going to be your oyster soon babe – you just don’t know where those steps are going to lead you. You’re brilliant Mom and Dad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very cute video…still smilin…