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Muddy Hollow Trail


Panoramic of Drake's Bay with Kristen on the way up the trail

Sam and Lilia on the trail with Drake's Bay in the distanceIt was the monthly JAMERS hiking meet today, Carol and Greg organized an ambitious route through the northern section of Point Reyes National Seashore for a 28-strong troop and ordered some magnificent California sunshine for us all to enjoy.  We met at the Muddy Hollow parking lot at 10:00AM, Lilia had a good nap on the way from the Bordessas’ and we were off on our seven mile journey.  We started on Muddy Hollow Trail and then veered off for a 2.3 mile climb up Bucklin trail, taking us through almost 1300 vertical feet of climbing on the way to Inverness Ridge.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather, beautiful views of Drakes Bay presented themselves as we climbed out of the shaded seclusion of the pine forests on the way to Inverness Ridge.  Lilia definitely enjoyed having 27 other hikers to study and listen to during the hike, chewing on the occasional pinecone I handed back to her and making herself heard when she decided everyone else was being too quiet.

Lynn, Gail, Lisa and Lilia having a bite on Inverness RidgeThe group stopping for a rest on Inverness RidgeWe stopped for a bite when we finally reached Inverness Ridge, marking the summit of our route.  Lilia sat with Lisa, Gail and Lynn while we waited for some of the stragglers, everyone definitely felt like they’d earned a little break after some quite steep climbing on the trail up.  It was while we were eating lunch – 3.5 miles from the truck – that I realized I’d left my little hiking diaper (nappy) pack in the parking lot so we were praying that Lilia didn’t need a change after lunch!  We were lucky, she was dry and clean down below and jabbered away on my back for the remainder of the seven mile loop back to the car down Inverness Ridge and Drakes View trails.  It was a great hike and fantastic to catch up with everyone.  Lilia continues to amaze us with her love of the outdoors: not a whine or complaint out of her for three hours, seven miles and 2600 feet of up and down!

The group stopping for a rest on Inverness RidgeThe crew hiking down Inverness RidgeLisa and Lilia having lunch on Inverness RidgeSelf portrait of Sam and a serious looking Lilia

Muddy Hollow Trail  

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  1. Laura says:

    What wonderful pictures, I wish I could have spent more time with you all! Hope to see you soon!

  2. juliet says:

    Great Hike & great company too. Lilia is so sweet.

  3. Kathi DeJong says:

    Great day! Lilia is so comfortable with the hiking group. It was so great to get to meet her! Kathi

  4. Lynn says:

    Sam, I’m amazed how efficient you are at updating your website!!! Lilia is definitely going to be an outdoors gal. She’s great!! Missed you for the oyster/potluck. lynn