Sam and Lilia on the Mill Valley bike pathReady to go ridingI bought Lilia a new bike seat for her birthday.  Actually, one of the reasons I built up my new commuter bike was so I have something on which I can carry her around during the weekend.  We rode over to Sausalito for lunch at Fish today, christening her bike seat and helmet from Great Grandma Rosabelle in the process.  The place was packed, as is typical for Fish on a weekend, especially one with beautiful weather like this.  Lilia munched on the lunch that we brought with us for her while Lisa and I enjoyed BBQ oysters, deep fried oysters and chips, and a few bites of the fish sticks we ordered for Tinkerbelle.  Made it home just in time for Little Miss’ afternoon nap!

Ready to go ridingLilia and Lisa enjoying lunch at FishLilia enjoying lunch at FishLilia enjoying lunch at FishBBQ oysters at Fish


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  1. grandma says:

    such a big girl. Not sure she loves the helmet just yet. GMa