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R.I.P. Sammy the Pig


The piglets at the farm in WindsorBorn in August, 2011 in Windsor, California, Sammy the Pig spent the first six weeks of her life with a wholesome family in the Sonoma wine country.  The runt of the litter, she wouldn’t have made show weight so instead found her way into the welcoming arms of the Bordessas and the green pastures of Ocean Breeze Dairy in Valley Ford.  Raised on a diet almost exclusively of organic mastitis milk, Sammy the Pig soon put to rest any question of her ability to grow into a healthy and big boned hog.  She enjoyed This could be a postcardbonding with her bovine friends in residence at Ocean Breeze Dairy, as well as many starlight nights with her trusty canine compatriots Yogi and Sparky.  On March 12, 2012, weighing in at in excess of 200 pounds, Sammy the Pig left this world bound for a better place in the hereafter.  Sammy will be missed by all, especially her family at Ocean Breeze Dairy and her beloved Grandpa Gary.

In celebration of Sammy the Pig’s short but fruitful life we’ll be enjoying plentiful helpings of carnitas, pork belly, pulled pork, hickory smoked bacon, pork tenderloins and pork chops for the next few months.  Sammy the Pig would have wanted it that way.  Here’s to you, Sammy!

I've never seen Jacque laugh this hard beforeSammy the Pig

R.I.P. Sammy the Pig  

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  1. Jacque says:

    Aww poor Sammy!! I think Jarrid thought she was 250! Big gal! Glad we had a chance to know her!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Giada will be so upset next time she comes for a visit and “Toby” isn’t there! 🙁

  3. Brooke says:

    I really though she would be a pet forever. The other night we were having pork chops and Kevin joked that we were eating Wilbur (A.M. is loving Charlotte’s Web right now)Very bad joke. She was completely horrified and burst into tears. Its a good thing Gianna is still young or they would have never been able to get rid of Sammy.