This step has been the cause of more than a few tears over the past few months. I think we’ve mastered it!


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  1. Auntie Anita says:

    What a big ask at this age – down and back up – amazing to watch You’re a real champ Lilia!

  2. Michelle says:

    I love all of her little sounds…she’s telling her daddy quite a story…what I want to know is…what did she pick up and eat???

  3. Auntie Anita says:

    PS I can imagine all the other previous attempts – good on you team for persisting. Yes, those sounds – like a little bird.And that bit off the floor – guess a little bird can see a lot down there.

  4. Mommy says:

    Daddy let her eat a flower petal (from the blooming plum tree in the front of our house).

  5. Granny says:

    that is just such a great video – I love every second of it!! –

  6. Idaho Youngs says:

    This is way cool…a true 4×4 mastering the challenge and eating along the way.