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Surly Ogre


Surly OgreSurly OgreThe bike I use to pedal home from work is a little small for me, and doesn’t have any way to attach a child seat for when Tinkerbelle is ready to ride along in the back.  So, Lisa was kind enough to give me a Surly Ogre 29er frame for Christmas, something I can use for getting home from work as well as mountain biking with Lilia (with a different set of tires!) when she’s old enough for her own seat.  Even though the Surly chromoly setup is a little heavier than some of the other 29er hardtails out there, the mind boggling number of attachments built into the frame will allow me to handle just about any additional carryons I can think of: panniers, racks, child seats and even trailers.  I finished building her up today, here are a few shots of the finished product.

Surly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly OgreSurly Ogre

Surly Ogre  

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  1. Lil Deez says:

    WHAT! no chris king head set you tight arse! Looks good mate….have a surly 1 x 1 hanging up in the shed with the baby seat ready to go…but single speed and kids on the back don’t mix too well. Nice ride…enjoy

  2. Aushiker says:

    Great to see another take on the Surly Orge. Yours has come up looking very sweet indeed.

  3. Sam says:

    Bev, I reckon the Chris King headset is probably the most overpriced and least noticeable part of a bike. I’ll plow my coin into Hope brakes instead…

  4. GPAG says:

    Oh what fun it is to ride, watch out Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    nice ogre, is this the 20″ frame?

  6. Sam says:

    Nope, this is the 22″ frame…

  7. […] brilliant spring weather so Lilia and I made the most of it outdoors.  On Saturday we took the Surly from the popular tourist lookout over the Golden Gate Bridge on Conzelman Road down the roughly one […]

  8. Mäx says:

    Hey Sam!
    Coukd you tell me your Wheel/Tire Setup?

    Greetings from Germany! Your Ogre is great.

  9. Sam says:

    For commuting: Easton XC One 29er wheels with Vittoria Rubino Pro 28mm tires
    For the dirt: Fulcrum Red Power XL 29er wheels with Kenda Nevegal 2.3″ tires
    I’d stay away from the Easton wheels, I’ve snapped three spokes on the pavement in the space of three months. I think the flanges on the hubs are too low… The Fulcrums are a much better choice.

  10. David Seal says:

    I like the brake discs. What brand and model are those? I am building up a multi – use Ogre for myself for touring on/off road.

  11. Sam says:

    The brakes are Hope Tech V2 and those rotors are Hope 160mm floating rotors. The cheapest place to get them is Wiggle, free shipping to pretty much anywhere in the world and they have a range of colors for the rotors.

  12. Geoff walker says:

    Hi there, is this ogre a 22 or 20″ frame

  13. Sam says:

    This is a 22″ frame.

  14. Mathias says:

    How does it look with a child seat attached?

  15. rizal says:

    Hi dude, is this rims 700c or 29″ and wear what brands? 🙂

  16. Sam says:

    29″ rims and 700c rims are interchangeable, they both use a 622mm bead seat diameter. The rims in this Surly as pictured were Easton XC One 29er wheels, but I had a lot of problems with spokes snapping. I am now running Fulcrum Red Power XL 29er wheels, but they similarly have a problem with strength/reliability. I think I’m just going to go with some tried-and-true Hope Pro Evo hubs and DT Swiss hoops soon…

  17. Jason says:

    You mention that it’s a 22″ frame, how tall are you? I’m debating between the 20 and the 22. I’m 6’1″. Also, how do you like it after a couple years of use? Thanks.

  18. Sam says:

    I’m 6’3″ and around 175 pounds. It’s a great bike for commuting around towing the kids around, haven’t really used it much on the trails though (I have a Giant Trance for that). My wife has an Ogre too and we’re both fans. Construction is good, no complaints on reliability or build quality. My only complaint would be on the decals: the Surly stickers on the down tube wore off after about three months and the Surly logo on the steerer tube started peeling off around the same time. But otherwise all good…