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The Lindberg Wedding


SolvangSolvangWe took a trip south last weekend for Robin and Dan’s wedding in the tourist enclave of Solvang, which happens to also be Dan’s hometown.  It was our first weekend leaving Lilia with her grandparents, fun to have a weekend to ourselves but both of us were pretty keen to see her again come Sunday.  Solvang is a surreal little enclave between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, you could be forgiven for thinking you were smack in the middle of a rural Danish village when walking about town.  Downtown is dotted with an array of traditional Danish bakeries and a handful of Danish pubs, all the buildings conforming to a strict aesthetic standard to keep the feel of a Danish village.

One of the many Danish bakeries in SolvangSolvangOne of the many Danish bakeries in SolvangSolvang

Photo booth shotsWe all met at the Hotel Corque before the reception on Saturday, crowding around a 30 pack of Bud Light cans with tunes coming from Connie’s iPhone – just like old times at Cal Poly (or so I hear…).  The ceremony and reception were held at a picturesque The bridal partyold barn just outside the city limits, it was beautifully decorated inside with chandeliers and rows of white seating for the 300+ guests. Robin and Dan couldn’t have asked for better weather for the day, the rolling clouds making for a striking sunset for their official photos and a perfect setting for the guests to enjoy a few drinks outside between the ceremony and reception.  Fun getting out on the dance floor with the Cal Poly crowd late into the evening, and the photo booth that Robin and Dan organized for the occasion definitely received a lot of use.  I think the booth is designed for a maximum of three people, at one stage we had six squeezed in there, made for some very memorable snapshots.  Great fun catching up with all of the guys and girls from Cal Poly again, but a little bittersweet as well: Lisa and I realized that Robin and Dan are the last of the Cal Poly crew to tie the knot!  Thanks for a great night Robin and Dan, congratulations and all the best!

Andi, Connie, Hilary and LisaConnie and Lisa with a pair of Bud LightsHilary and MichelleAll class for pre-dinner drinks in the hotel lobbyAndi serving drinksLet's get this party startedJessica and LisaSam and PaulMax and MicheleCouches in the barn where the wedding was heldPeople filing in for the ceremonyJeffrey JusticeHilary and PaulI come in peaceWedding decorationsAndi and MichelleConnie and JaviDan waiting patiently for his brideBride and groomHusband and wife!Michele and KatieJavi fartedKatie and MichelleKatie, Michele and MichelleDrinks between the wedding and receptionJaviSite of the Lindberg weddingMark, Andi and JeffreyPaul and MaxKatie and HenryConnie and LisaHilary and Connie getting to know HenryTracy and MicheleThe bridal party entersRobin looking very pumpedA beautiful brideNewlywedsReception flower arrangementsSolvang sunsetReception flower arrangementsInappropriate CabrerasTracy, Andi and JeffreyOne of Dan's little cousins (I think?)Holla!Sam and LisaConnie, Michelle, Lisa, Hilary and Robin (sorry Andi and Tracy my lens easn't wide enough to fit you guys in!)Dan's cousinsAre you ready for this Paul?Photo booth shotsPhoto booth shotsPhoto booth shots

The Lindberg Wedding  

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  1. Katie Ruthstrom says:

    I love these pictures! Thanks Sam for capturing the love last weekend. So happy everyone had such a good time.

  2. Javi says:

    Connie has not left the house once this week and its freakin’ friday! She is in full recovery mode and still sweating out all of the booz she drank.

  3. Robin Lindberg says:

    Great pictures Sam! We definately had a great time! So glad you guys were there and that Connie wore such a bright jacket so we could spot her all over the place…every picture, every photobooth and of course the dance floor:-) Great memories.
    XOXO, Robin Lindberg

  4. Sherry Haupt says:

    Love your story-if I hadn’t been there-I sure would have wanted to be!!! The photo booth pictures are a crack-up and your pictures capture the great Cal Poly friendships you still enjoy!! So good to see you together!! Thanks, Sherry Haupt

  5. Brandy Haupt says:

    Great pictures Sam! I am so glad you and Lisa made it to the wedding and that we all had so much fun. And oh yeah, so glad that Robin and Dan are now married. 🙂

  6. Elaine Claiborne says:

    So happy my cousin, Jane Lindberg, shared your photos with Billy and me. Wow! What a great time. Sorry we had to miss this one. Robin and Dan look good and married and their friends (you guys) look like mine back in the day. Elaine Overland Park, KS

  7. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful pictures and story! What a fun weekend! Thank you for these photos!

  8. Jani says:

    That “Anonymous” was me, Jani.