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The Rehearsal Dinner


Great Grandma Gladys and LiliaLiliaLiliaThree generationsLiliaGreat Grandma Gladys and LiliaGail and RandySam and Lilia by the fireGreg, Carol, Luke and KatrinaKevin and Annie having a chat with GladysMitchMitch and LisaCathy and EmilyReady for dinnerKatrina, Lisa and AnnieThe happy coupleKTMitch and KevinUp to mischief...Sam and AnnieDoug donating a bottle of 1986 cabernet to the causeLuke about to bust the corkDoug and JohnMitch and KevinKatrinaGreg and LisaLuke and Katrina with some of their gifts

The Rehearsal Dinner  

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa says:

    lovely, lovely, lovely … thanks for taking the photos and sharing them. Such a wonderful even. Grandma