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The Bordessa Pig


Time to head off to the Bordessas'!When I was a kid a pair of my parents’ best friends – The Jarvises – bought a small ranch (farm) in Yankalilla, a rural town in South Australia.  As a joke my parents bought a piglet as a gift for one of their friends’ children’s birthdays.  I remember sitting in the back seat of our car holding the piglet in a hessian sack, and I also remember the flabbergasted look on the faces of my parents’ friends when we opened the sack!  Pretty much since Gianna Bordessa was born I’ve been planning to give Gianna a pig for one of her birthdays.  Gianna turned three a couple of weeks ago so we figured that she’s now old enough to learn the ways of the ranch firsthand. 

Earlier this year we started hunting around for a suitable piglet, Lisa got in touch with a family contact she knew from raising pigs Sam, Yogi and the pigas a child and lined one up.  Sunday was the big day, we made the trek up to Windsor to collect our cute six week old piglet to give Gianna.  The Bordessas had no idea what we were planning, just that we were going to have dinner with them so we could surprise Gianna with a birthday present.  Jarrid wanted me to help him move some cows when we arrived and Gianna was asleep so we had to wait for I've never seen Jacque laugh this hard beforethe unveiling, Lisa and I could hardly contain ourselves for the hour or so we waited while Gianna took her afternoon nap.  When the unveiling eventually occurred Jacque laughed harder than we’ve ever seen her laugh, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  Jarrid was expectedly not impressed, but also couldn’t help but have a chuckle too.  Yogi took an instant liking to his new ranch companion and we quickly erected a shelter for the little gilt where she’s living until Jarrid can erect something more permanent.  I know Jarrid’s revenge is going to be sweet once he thinks of some way to get us back, but Jacque and Gianna are stoked with their new companion and we’re glad we had a hand in helping Gianna learn the ways of the ranch firsthand!

The piglets at the ranch in WindsorA donkey at the farm in WindsorThe piglets at the farm in WindsorLisa and Lilia at the farm in WindsorTime to head off to the Bordessas'!Ready to go in the back of the TacomaThe Bordessas ready and waiting for our surprise present...I've never seen Jacque laugh this hard beforeThe pig took an instant liking to JarridThis could be a postcardGiann, Jarrid and the pigJacque and Jarrid with the pig in its temporary encolsureGianna getting to know her new pigLilia enjoying the kitchenLilia enjoying the kitchen

The Bordessa Pig  

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  1. Brooke says:

    Oh guys that is tooo funny. I cant believe you really did it! LOVE the picture of Jacque laughing and the Jarreds look is priceless! Wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

  2. Gail says:

    Glad to have the history behind this event. What great pics.

  3. Victoria says:

    one of the best persents we ever got…good old Porkie Valts…love the Jarvis’

  4. Hock says:

    …tasted pretty good too!! Hock Jarvis