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Before the Dawn


Before the Dawn

Before the Dawn, Nicholas Wade

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Art kindly shipped his second copy of this book to me from Seattle, a very enlightening and interesting read.  Given, it’s not the kind of book you’re not going to be able to put down, but Wade does a commendable job of weaving what could be a sleeper into almost story-like prose.  He touches topics ranging from the travels of the first humans out of Africa, the evolutionary paths of the ancestral human population into the three upright-walking hominid species, the development of language throughout human history, and the role of genetics when it comes to disease.

I learned a lot of things about our species, some very interesting stuff in here.  Did you know that 100% of Danes are lactose tolerant, 99% of Swedes, while 75% of some African groups are lactose intolerant?  How about the fact that our genome shows that our entire human race’s ancestry can be traced back to a single pair of ancestral humans, a veritable Adam and Eve?  Want more, have a read…


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