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Getting My Shots


Very perturbed after getting my shots!We had to make a trip to the pediatrician today for another round of immunization shots.  Poor Lilia was a mess for two days last time she had her shots, she bled a lot from one of them and was very perturbed by the painful knot where she was pricked.  So none of us were looking forward to today.  I wasn’t at the doctor’s office but Lisa gave me a play-by-play: her innocent little face looking all aghast as her thighs were prodded by the needles, followed by some uncontrollable screaming.  I Love watching my parents prepare food in the kitchenPoor little lady!  So much screaming she almost made mummy cry!  As with her previous shots, today they’ve been followed by a rare spout of serious crankiness.  But it’s much better than the alternative of not being immunized at all.  All should be better tomorrow, we’ll have to remember to watch for the tender spots on her thighs for a few days…

According to the doc she’s daddy’s girl in the physical department: at four months she’s 25½ inches (65 centimeters) tall. which puts her in the 90th percentile for height for her age.  Maybe I should think about getting one of those wheelie basketball hoops!  She currently weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces (6.6 kilograms) and her head is 41¾ centimeters around, both in the 75th percentile for her age.

Nasty needles...Nasty needles...

Getting My Shots  

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  1. Auntie Anita says:

    Ouch! Hurts huh? So Daddy’s girl in the physical department – not a surprise really given that she virtually doubled Lisa’s size before she arrived xxoo

  2. Grandma & Grandpa says:

    lets hope she outgrows the cellulite!!