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The Great Reflation


The Great Reflation

The Great Reflation, J. Anthony Boeckh

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

This book was recommended to me by a colleage of mine.  Cheesey sub-title aside, it provides an excellent in-depth discussion of how the capital markets function from a high-level, the role of liquidity injections by central banks, inflation interplays with asset prices and the history of fiat money.  Contrary to the (cheesey) sub-title, it’s definitely not a step-by-step guide for creating and maintaining an optimally allocated poersonal portfolio.  But with some prior expereince and a basic knowledge of financial theory it provides some great insight into today’s financial world.

Amazon Description: Now that the housing and credit bubbles have burst, toppling banks and sending shockwaves through the stock market and around the world, it may seem like the worst has passed.  But the full impact of the crises we have recently faced will create far more problems, and unless you’re prepared, you’ll struggle to regain your financial footing.  In The Great Reflation, author Tony Boeckh helps you understand how these crises, and the policies passed to jumpstart the economy, will play out for investments and business, and provides you with the tools to excel in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape.  He reveals how similar episodes compare with the current crises and what this could mean for your financial future.

The Great Reflation  

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