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Wide awakeQuality time with MumBusted out of one of Dad's swaddlesWorking on those abdominalsQuality time with Mum

Things are settling down a little now on the home front after a couple of weeks.  Lilia’s still super easy going, giving us solid three to four hour sleep sessions each night and continuing to make us laugh with each new noise and facial expression she concocts.  Lisa’s favourite is when she purses her lips outwards in the shape of a kiss, I’ve yet to snap her doing it on camera…  We’ve had a plethora of visitors which has been great, lots of our friends and family keen to meet the new addition to the family.  And all the donated meals have been brilliant – although I don’t mind cooking at all – from gourmet restaurant meals to Mi Pueblo and plenty of Grandma’s home cooking.  Lilia had her first Aussie visitor last weekend as Greg Sarson dropped in during his time in San Francisco, he decked her out with her first pair of Uggs, exactly the same ones I had when I was a little tyke.  We’ve gradually been able to extend our around-the-block excursions from the house into longer hikes through the Marin Headlands, this morning taking advantage of the spring weather and walking along Tennessee Valley to Tennessee Valley Beach.  Lilia was a little hungry roughly 2.5 miles into our walk, Lisa took to outdoor feeding like a pro as we found a shady spot next to Tennessee Valley Creek to stop and satisfy her milk craving.  Thanks again to everyone for all the visits and meals, it’s been brilliant!

Lilia meets Jacque and JarridCal Poly cookie boquetGrandma Carol comes by for lunch in the backyardFirst outing with the Bob stroller/pramLillia's first Australian visitor: Greg SarsonAussie boots from GregWhat are you always putting that lense in my face?Courtney visits on the way to workCourtney visits on the way to workDad's first bottle feeding to give Mum a bit of a breakWeekend excursion to Tennessee ValleyWeekend excursion to Tennessee ValleyWeekend excursion to Tennessee ValleyTennessee Valley BeachTennessee Valley BeachWeekend excursion to Tennessee ValleyWide awakeWorking on those abdominalsQuality time with MumQuality time with Mum

At Home  

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  1. Anita says:

    Have been waiting for more photos and news and here it is. Lilia looks so alert and just tooo gorgeous, You are both taking to parenthood like pros.xxxooo

  2. Anita says:

    PS was wondering when Lilia would go on her first hike!!

  3. BORDESSAS says:

    good to see more pics

  4. Familia Quintero says:

    What a blessing Lilia is …. from her darling alertness to already sleeping so well! Thanks be to God … and to good parenting! 🙂

  5. Soph says:

    These photos are sooooo adorable, keep em comin! xo

  6. Sue and John says:

    How do you manage to get pictures with her eyes open???

  7. Negative Xtra says:

    Good to see you guys are already getting out and about. Everyone is looking super happy. Keep up the great work all 🙂