One Week


Asleep on Dad's lapLilia on Mum's shoulderAt the risk of turning The Pink Lemon into a baby blog, here are a few more photos of Lilia during her first few days at home.  She’s a lot more active these days, she has hour or two spurts when she’s completely wide awake, a good time to get some photos of her with her eyes open. 

My mum sifted through the photo albums from when I was an infant, telling me over the phone that the likeness between Lilia and me as an infant is striking.  She mailed me a few copies of some of my baby shots taken with my grandmother that I included here.  I must say that full head of hair and her solid stature is quite a lot like mine when I was a newborn…

Erna and SamLilia and LisaErna and SamLilia and LisaErna and SamLilia and LisaAwake time in her BoppyLilia's first car rideLilia on Mum's shoulderLilia and AnnieLilia and AnnieLilia on Mum's shoulderAwake time in her BoppyLilia meets GailLilia with Gail and RandyLilia and Grandpa GregLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia on Grandma Jenni's sheepskinLilia's first outdoor adventure

One Week  

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  1. BORDESSAS says:

    I love her!!! xoxo

  2. BORDESSAS says:

    and these oldies of you are amazing, it looks just like her!! so cool!

  3. Brooke says:

    She looks so much older then one week. Quite a resemblance Sam!

  4. John and Lynn says:

    A little clone! Amazing how much they change in only a week. Enjoy!

  5. Annie Griswold says:

    I love the four of her all lined up right next to each other. What a sweet sweet love she is!

  6. Anita says:

    How glorious the three of you home! She’s gorgeous – I love her too. Yes! just like you as new Sam. Lisa you look so beautiful. xxxooo

  7. Barbara MacPherson says:

    She really looks like her Daddy! LOVE the picture of Sam with front pack…

  8. Mark, Michelle, Macade and Quincy says:

    She’s a cutie…I can’t wait to meet her….

  9. Mark, Michelle, Macade and Quincy says:

    and I think it’s OK to turn the pink lemon into a baby blog…love it!!!

  10. E says:

    Congratulations Lisa and Sam. Lilia is beautiful! She has such great hair and rich skin coloring! I hope to meet her someday. Have a great time. You both look very happy.

    PS Her name is gorgeous. I really like it.

  11. Chezza says:

    Hey, like the “Got Valt”shirt! I knew it would come in handy:) Love the black n white of “L” smiling on the blanket. Such a cutie!!

  12. Tu Familia Quintero says:

    Lilia is precious beyond words! Well done, Family Valtenbergs!

  13. Nicole Yovino says:

    Way to go!!! Lilia is amazing!!! I am in awe!!!

  14. Soph says:

    Hey that’s so cool the comparison between her and u when u were a bub same – looks like the same baby! naw I cant wait till I can play with her! x

  15. Sue and John says:

    Great Pictures…I would expect her to have lots of pictures. She looks great.

  16. Uncle B says:

    Grandpa Young did it with 16-mm and pleased to see the tradition continues as a web blog.
    Enjoy and remember.

  17. Idaho Youngs says:

    She is adorable…there is ALOT of resemblence of Sam. In time we may see some of Lisa too. Great pic’s of family and friends w/Lilia. Way to go Sam and Lisa.

  18. Laura says:

    The pictures are wonderful! i love the old ones juxtaposed with the new ones! Can’t wait to meet her and hold her!