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Eastern Rises


Last night we checked out the Banff Mountain Film Festival’s World Tour in Larkspur.  The films were a little more relaxed than when we’ve been in previous years, but the last film was definitely one to remember…  Eastern Rises chronicles the  month-long journey of a group of professional fly fisherman to a remote and almost completely uninhabited peninsula in eastern Russian called Kamchatka.  Kamchatka is home to over 140 rivers and up until 1990 was completely closed to the outside world as a Russian military outpost.  Today it is home to 0.5 people per square mile and some of the best trout fishing waters in the world.  To see the Alaskan native fishermen in such awe at the fishing was awesome.  One of the previously unfished rivers they explored boasted more rainbows in the 30 inch category than otherwise prized 18 inch swimmers.  It was awesome!  Sarcastically dry commentary, beautiful scenery and a great soundtrack to boot, this vid is definitely worth checking out.  The trailer is below…

Eastern Rises  

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