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Bourbon and Branch


We celebrated BK turning 28 on Saturday with Bronte, Danielle and Jane down in the city.  Ben got put onto an awesome little bar called Bourbon and Branch, situated right downtown on the edge of the Ternderloin.  The bar is an old speakeasy from the prohibition era, there’s no signage outside, just a door in the side of a brick wall.  You knock and are asked for a password, which you receive when you make your reservation, and upon furnishing the doorman with the entrace credentials you’re allowed into what feels like something out of a history book or Hollywood movie.  All the bartenders are dressed in traditional prohibition-era garb, with music playing to match the theme, all coupled with a very impressive spirit selection.  Todd would have been impressed with the Hendrick’s behind the bar, I had a couple for him… 

The Library

If you’re nor fortunate enough to have lodged a reservation, there’s a separate password to be allowed through a hidden door in the wall of the main bar to The Library, pictured here. 

A really awsome place, I’ll be going back for sure…


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