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WordPress 2.5


After blowing up this website on Friday and spending Friday afternoon as well as the better part of Saturday morning restoring the code from scratch, I’m proud to say you’re now viewing a site powered by the new version of WordPress, WordPress 2.5.  Probably doesn’t look a whole lot different…  Well, I can tell you that the administration area, which only I can see, is much more streamlined and the developers have added a bunch of interesting new shortcode-enabled features that I have to wade through before I start using them.  One really cool one is the ability to view photos in a Flickr-style gallery format rather than having to hand manipulate the images manually in each post.  The new version of WordPress did break the posting utility I usually use in Windows LiveWriter, but I’m sure the developers at MSN will catch up shortly.

Anyway, just wanted to put up a little note here to myself because I’m pretty pumped at upgrading the WordPress code base to the new 2.5.  Golf clap for me.


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