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San Francisco Gets Giants Fever


It’s amazing what winning a World Series win can do to a city: homeless people all of a sudden turn into Major League merchandise peddlers, florists somehow manage to fill their stores with orange roses, and today more and a million people flocked to the streets of San Francisco to cheer on the home team as part of a tickertape parade.  I took a quick walk down from work to grab a few shots, the crowd at Market and Montgomery was at least 100 people deep by the time I got there, people hanging out of trees and off of lamp posts to catch a glimpse of the entourage…

The procession making its way west on Market StreetGiants all the way...Eager onlookers Panoramic looking west on Market Street at Second Panoramic of Market Street from east to west Giants fever... 100 deep at Market and Montgomery Looking east down Market Street100 deep at Market and Montgomery Anything to catch a glimpseLooking west toward the corner of Market and Montgomery Free Leonard Peltier (whoever the hell that is...)Market and Second

San Francisco Gets Giants Fever  

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