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Banff Mountain Film Festival


Luke took us to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour last night, what an awesome event!  We were awed by a series of short films on speedflying, snowkiting, deep water solo climbing and canyon kayaking, to name a few!  I never even knew these sports existed, talk about an adrenaline-packed evening of films.  Definitely going to check the films out when they roll through northern California every year from now on.  Below is an excerpt from the snowkiting film that lead off the night, Entropy.  A pretty cool way to make use of all the snow and lack of mountains in Norway!  The speedflying documentary from Team13 was pretty amazing, too, here’s a link to It’s Fantastic.  These speedflyers were absolutely fearless, they’d launch off cliffs on skis with trimmed-down parasailing chutes, flying through couloirs and down rocky faces, touching down on snow patches where they could find them, all in excess of 70MPH.  Talk about adrenaline…


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    YOWSERS !!!!!!!!!! Flying high!!!!!!!!!!