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The Tweed Coast


We jumped at the opportunity to stop in on Todd and Celia on the picturesque Tweed Coast on our way to Adelaide this week, it was an area in which we spent a lot of time during Our Walkabout all those years ago and it certainly didn’t disappoint on this visit. We stayed in the Salt section of Kingscliff just north of where Celia and Todd live in Casuarina, a beautiful piece of coastline with white sand and blue Pacific stretching from Cudgen Creek to Cabarita. It was great to see Todd and Celia, the kids were in heaven with all the beaches – from Cudgen to Byron – to explore down the northern New South Wales coastline. Also felt quite honored to have Todd as our trusty tour guide for the week to show us all the local secrets whilst we were in town.

We ducked into the hinterland to swim at one of Todd’s secret swimming holes one day on the way to Byron, last time we were in a spot like that was with Lilia in Moorea pre-Max, a lot of fun hiking through the rainforest to the waterfall-fed pool. Byron was a favorite with the kids, which is not surprising given the plethora of eateries and beaches that are protected even during some of the big southerly swells that were hitting the coast during our stay.

Midway through our stay we headed up to Kirra to watch the pros tearing up the big swell, after which we retired to Cudgen Creek with the kids for the afternoon given all the beaches were closed that day. Very nice to have the protected estuaries up and down the coast when the waves are too big on the beaches.

It was an awesome week: great weather, good company, beautiful beaches and a fantastic house we found in Kingscliff. It might have to be our regular stopover on the way to Adelaide!


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  1. GpopG says:

    Awesome holiday with many lasting memories.

  2. Grandma says:

    So envious. What a lucky family. The smiles on everyone’s faces tell the whole story.

  3. Fulton says:

    Great pics, sooo jealous

  4. Teebs says:

    Great times, stoked you guys made time to check out the #newtweed. YEEWWW

  5. Dean Burkhalter says:

    A lot of empty waves down there. Been busy here in Shanghai

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