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Stafford Lake Bike Park


The first of the season’s harvest adventures with Dad took us to the Stafford Lake Bike Park pump track this morning. Max was in heaven, he would have stayed there all day if I’d let him! Lilia couldn’t quite grasp her little brother’s mastery of the whoops so sidelined herself to pout, but I eventually managed some big smiles out of her by scooting back and forth along some of the flat dirt trails while Max circled around the pump track. Max’s balance on that little bike of his was amazing. He was hooning around the beginner and intermediate pump tracks by lunchtime, a few very respectable spills but fortunately his gloves and long pants prevented any blood. He’s already asking to go back!

Stafford Lake Bike Park  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mad skillz

  2. Sam says:

    An excellent dad adventure. Must have put a big smile on your face too.